Contribution guide

If you want to contribute to this project, you are welcome to do so!

Create your own development environment

We use conda as our main packaging system, though pip works as well.

The following instructions describe how to create your development environment using conda:

  1. Create a new environment:

    conda create -n pytest-monitor-dev python=3 -c -c defaults
  2. Install the dependencies:

    conda install --file requirements.txt -n pytest-monitor-dev -c -c defaults
  3. Activate your environment:

    conda activate pytest-monitor-dev
  4. Install pytest-monitor in development mode:

    python develop
  5. You’re done!

Feature requests and feedback

We would be happy to hear about your propositions and suggestions. Feel free to submit them as issues and:

  • Explain in details the expected behavior.

  • Keep the scope as narrow as possible. This will make them easier to implement.

Bug reporting

Report bugs for pytest-monitor in the issue tracker. Every filed bugs should include:

  • Your operating system name and version.

  • Any details about your local setup that might be helpful in troubleshooting, specifically:
    • the Python interpreter version,

    • installed libraries,

    • and your pytest version.

  • Detailed steps to reproduce the bug.

Bug fixing

Look through the GitHub issues for bugs. Talk to developers to find out how you can fix specific bugs.

Feature implementation

Look through the GitHub issues for enhancements.

Talk to developers to find out how you can implement specific features.

Thank you!